Alter Egos and Inner Demons

“Alter Ego” is a persona, or means which allows for an individual to tap into parts of themselves which lay beyond their usual scope of behavior. Through this, one engages directly with aspects of the self that are otherwise shrouded by the concerns of ordinary consciousness. In the tumult of 9 to 5 living, this is how such potencies are generally dealt with. Although other aspects of the self are not center stage and oftentimes repressed, they still reside within the individual, with considerable influence on the whole. When such psychological entities are ignored, they stagnate in the behavior of the individual, which is carried and expressed by the body. Memories and energies are stored as a series of tensions throughout the body, which may be released purposely and or spontaneously. One effective way of getting in touch with these is through the characterization of these archetypal potencies, and acting through corresponding roles. Choreography and improvisational dance come together to make a very suitable method of starting a dialogue with and expressing these often disregarded spheres of the self. These movements can map a journey through the emotional subconscious.The job of the photographer is to capture certain poses which embody or epitomize the totality of the enacted persona, a task relying heavily on intuition and attention to the progression of emergent phenomena. Documenting physical vocabulary allows us to capture the exposed essence of oneself.


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