Ajani Russell is a multi-faceted and multi-medium artist from Brooklyn, New York. Their artistic exploration drifts between a mix of immersive works which utilize sound and light as moldable components of her installations, video, ceramics, painting, sculpture, print, curation, and creative direction. Exploration and collaboration is an important part of making their art accessible to everyone.

The content they tackle lives in the realm of dreams, communication, interconnectivity, social and political climates and reclaiming the colonized spaces in our minds. One of their biggest concerns is limiting themself or being categorized by others which is a major underlying theme constantly addressed through their pieces. This concern however is not an impediment but rather what fuels their art making. They uses their practice as a vehicle for communicating ideas about the relationship between the subconscious and reality, and how intimately familiar emotions - attached to colors and compositional behavior - are evoked, unifying the mind and subconscious in spiritual reorganization.

Russell’s work is intended to pose a question, trigger a mental process, promote personal interpretation and provoke thoughtful commentary on how we are taught to learn and understand. The viewer is encouraged to search within, rather than look to an external source for an answer.