Artist Statement

This work speaks to the lack of sustainability within work ethics advocated by our society. The long engrained notions that one must devote themselves wholly to a single thing- a practice, job, craft- almost to the point of depletion, looms over our choices. In turn , we overextend ourselves to compensate for these expectations, choosing compartmentalization, escapism, and other unhealthy coping mechanisms, lessening the quality of life for those individuals.

This multi- part instillation relates the strengths we embody to overcome those expectations. Similarly to the versatile, yet contradictory, functions of a tentacle- strong yet soft, flexible but rigid- we transform and adapt in hopes of reaching the coveted 100% we have to to recognize as the symbol for completion and therefore success. 80% wishes to reaffirm that that model of success is untenable. It reflects on a universal longing for recognition of effort while questioning the system of success that is currently in place.

The need for comfort and softness reflected in material makes it especially representational and symbolic of the rigidity of our current system and this chaotic moment in time.